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Cisco Unified Contact Center Express STANDARD (v. 9.0) - versie-upgradelicentie

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express STANDARD (v. 9.0) - versie-upgradelicentie

Item#: 1061069  |  Model#:  CCX50-90U-S-S-S1

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Met Cisco Unified Contact Center Express kunnen bedrijven hun callcenters voorzien van de functionaliteit om klanten die bellen door te verbinden met de callcentermedewerker of de medewerker die de vraag van de klant het best kan beantwoorden. Op hun beurt hebben medewerkers sneller toegang tot klantgegevens, zodat ze klanten beter van dienst kunnen zijn, wat hun loyaliteit ten goede komt.


  • Maak eenvoudig gebruik van de zeer veilige, virtuele en betrouwbare, geavanceerde gespreksroutering en contactbeheeropties voor uw contactcenter
  • Ideaal voor het middensegment, externe vestigingen of afdelingen binnen ondernemingen
  • Ideaal voor zowel formele als informele contactcenters
  • Profiteer van ondersteuning voor van de Web 2.0 agent desktop-SDK voor desktopontwikkeling op maat


  • Routing capabilities
    Maximum return on investment (ROI) for contact centers is provided when your company's business rules can influence the behavior of the contact center. The routing capabilities of Cisco Unified Contact Center Express facilitate categorization and prioritization of customer contacts in a way that best meets your business requirements to help ensure that each contact is routed to the right agent at the right location the first time to maximize resolution on the first call. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express routing supports a wide range of routing logic that can accurately target and selectively route different classes of contacts, or even single out individual contacts for customized, prioritized routing treatment. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express offers call-routing behaviors based on conditional events, such as time of day, day of week, or holiday routing, as well as the ability to specify service levels, move contacts between agent groups, and reprioritize contacts in the queue based on your business rules. With Cisco Unified Contact Center Express premium, product integration with your enterprise's customer database can help ensure that the optimal routing decisions are made. In addition, the application can give agents extensive information on a per-contact basis through a customer-relationship-management (CRM) or other application screen pop.
  • Email management
    Customers are turning to company websites to locate information about products and services, to seek support, and to conduct transactions. In addition, customers are seeking alternative ways, such as email, to contact customer support centers, and the volume of incoming email interactions to contact centers is growing. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express offers the agent email feature for email management. Agent email is a basic email queuing and response system, designed specifically for Cisco agent desktop for the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express platform. Agent email is a zero-footprint feature that is tightly integrated into the agent desktop embedded browser, with controls built into the toolbar and display. It enables contact centers to queue and route email messages to staff and skilled agents, helping strike a balance between email and call-handling activities.
  • Workforce optimization, quality management, and compliance recording
    Cisco Unified workforce optimization integrated with Cisco Unified Contact Center Express helps supervisors and other managers align contact center performance with business objectives by integrating workforce optimization within the team's daily workflow - combining agent and supervisor desktop tools in a composite application with workforce optimization software to unify the entire customer interaction process. Directly integrated with Cisco supervisor desktop, Cisco Unified workforce optimization unifies the tactical tools that supervisors need to optimize team performance. The workforce management component allows contact center managers to develop schedules for multiple sites, manage critical performance indicators, and manage real-time adherence to schedules. Compliance recording enables simplified telephony recording by using either preconfigured workflows through the recording application programming interface (API). Recordings can also be searched for and replayed to verify compliance or resolve disputes.
  • Outbound dialing capabilities
    The Cisco outbound option complements the powerful inbound call-handling capability of the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express platform by offering blended preview outbound dialing capabilities. You can build campaigns to use preview dialing that is integrated with inbound calls to provide a blended inbound/outbound solution. These blended functions let agents serve both inbound calls and outbound campaign tasks when the inbound queue is empty, allowing for the most efficient use of agent resources for both inbound calls and outbound campaigns.
  • Computer telephony integration
    Cisco Unified Contact Center Express can integrate with any CRM or other application that can run on the agent's Microsoft Windows desktop. Integration is achieved by using a powerful real-time programmable CTI workflow engine that invokes keystroke-macro emulation to automate the transfer of caller-entered information, or performing an external application action. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express provides powerful integration tools through support for custom Java classes and methods that can be invoked under real-time workflow control. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express premium allows you to apply HTTP integration to provide integration and a screen pop with browser-based applications running in the Cisco Agent Desktop embedded browser. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express third-party CTI protocol provides for deep integration with ACD and IVR subsystems for traditional custom CTI integrations.
  • IVR and self-service capabilities and benefits
    Unlike many competitive products, Cisco Unified Contact Center Express provides an integrated, ready-to-use IVR solution. Every package provides an IVR queue point, custom call treatment, arbitrarily deep voice menus, custom voice prompts, and the ability to process customer phone-keypad presses through dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) processing to make routing decisions or to present a screen pop to the agent.
  • Cisco Unified call connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    The Cisco Unified call connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, part of the Cisco Unified communications system, is a free middleware application that integrates Cisco Unified Contact Center Express with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This integration with Microsoft CRM includes productivity-enhancement features for employees, such as screen pops, click to dial, and call tracking. The call information collected by the Cisco Unified call connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows companies to make better business decisions based on actual call metrics pertaining to employees or customers.
  • Cisco agent desktop and Cisco Unified Presence integration
    Integration of Cisco Agent Desktop with Cisco Unified Presence extends real-time collaboration into the broader enterprise by integrating the contact center desktop applications with Cisco Unified Presence. Through this integration, agents and supervisors can collaborate with relevant colleagues and subject matter experts outside the contact center.
  • Video and Cisco Unified Contact Center Express
    Cisco Unified Contact Center Express can connect callers and agents through video in a couple of ways: through integration with Cisco TelePresence and Cisco Unified Video advantage applications. Using Cisco TelePresence conferencing in combination with Cisco Unified Contact Center Express, virtual agents can be connected to callers through the skills-based routing and integrated queuing of Cisco Unified Contact Center Express. When connected, the agent and customer appear in life size on video displays for a highly effective, faceto-face customer service interaction. This feature is ideal for applications in finance, such as branch-office experts, retail for high-end electronics sales, healthcare for remote consultations, and interpretive services, as well as for administrative services.

Product specificaties

ProductbeschrijvingCisco Unified Contact Center Express STANDARD (v. 9.0) - versie-upgradelicentie
CategorieInternet- en communicatietoepassingen - internet & communicatie - internet utilities, internet en communicatie - IP-telefonie
Aantal licenties1 plaats
Upgrade vanCisco Unified Contact Center Express Standard versie 5.0

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