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Club 3D Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub HDMI 1-3 - videosplitter - 3 poorten

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Club 3D Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub HDMI 1-3 - videosplitter - 3 poorten

Item#: 300200230  |  Model#:  CSV-5300H

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Prijs: € 117,95 Excl. BTW
Prijs: € 142,72 Incl. BTW
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Display devices have always been an integral part of the PC experience. Whether it is in the form of a desktop monitor, a notebook's embedded panel, or the touch screen of a PC tablet, display devices play a vital role in defining the user's visual experience. The Club 3D MST hub is a hub device that receives a DisplayPort 1.2a MST signal from the source device and splits up and routes the video streams independently to each display device.


  • Increased productivity
  • Multiple programs simultaneously
  • Sharing data
  • Enjoy the ultimate immersive gaming experience
  • Give your ultrabook more displays


  • Increased productivity
    The biggest advantage for designers, gamers or anyone is an increase of productivity having multiple screens. A study done by the Jon Peddie Research, productivity increases an average of 42% when using multiple displays.
  • Multiple programs simultaneously
    Most users have some type of workflow that involves multiple programs at any given time. Having multiple screens makes a much less painful experience and more productive.
  • Sharing data
    Sharing data between applications is very common, for example dragging an image from a file folder to the Photoshop app. All these things can be streamlined with the help of multiple screens.
  • Enjoy the ultimate immersive gaming experience
    With AMD Radeon based graphic cards, you can support up to 6 displays by using two MST hubs working each monitor independantly or create a Single Large Surface (SLS) mode.
  • Give your ultrabook more displays
    Ultrabooks and notebooks are increasingly becoming more powerful and smaller in the physical form factor. DisplayPort provides that flexibility to power several displays through a single port. With the MST hub you can work with multiple displays and with its small form factor you can bring it along at work or home.

Product specificaties

ProductbeschrijvingClub 3D Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub HDMI 1-3 - videosplitter - 3 poorten
Type apparaatVideosplitter - 3 poorten
SubtypeHDMI / DisplayPort
Poorten3 x HDMI
Voorzieningen3D-ondersteuning, Advance WideEye SerDes-technologie
ConformiteitsnormenHDCP 1.3
Afmetingen (BxDxH)10.7 cm x 30 cm

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