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Panasonic PT-RW630LBEJ DLP-projector

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Panasonic PT-RW630LBEJ DLP-projector

Item#: 300229099  |  Model#:  PT-RW630LBEJ

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The RW630 peak-performing 1-chip DLP projectors were developed with the goal of achieving the highest possible image level as flagship models. Panasonic's original "Quartet Color Harmonizer" reproduces optimally efficient colors and images that approach those of high-end flagship models.
Plus, the unprecedented reliability of the solid-state light source maintains image quality for 20,000 hours or more. In addition, starting with the professional features for large-venue applications, a host of functions reflect the technology and know-how that Panasonic has accumulated over more than 30 years of projector development. The PT-RZ630 are reliable, high-quality projectors that easily meet the demands of critical professionals.


  • Reliable drive system enables continuous 24/7 operation with no downtime
  • Long-lasting brightness and low maintenance enable TCO (total cost of ownership) to be reduced
  • A liquid cooling system maintains quiet, long-term, stable operation whilst keeping the exhaust heat extremely low
  • A filter-less, dust-resistant structure with an airtight optical block
  • Detail clarity processor gives natural clarity to even the finest details
  • System daylight view enhances color perception with no need to turn off the lights
  • Advanced technologies for excellent image quality including full 10-bit signal processing
  • DICOM simulation mode reproduces easy-to-view rendering of X-ray photos
  • Waveform monitor for easy and precise calibration
  • Multi-screen support system: edge blending, color matching and multi-screen processor
  • Multi-unit brightness control function
  • Flexible layout thanks to vertical and horizontal 360-degree installation
  • Lens-centered design and a wide horizontal/vertical lens shift


  • High brightness
    A heat-resistant material is used in the phosphor wheel to withstand the high output of the laser light source. Combined with a drive system that is also optimized for the light source, this made it possible to achieve the world's first 6,500 lm of brightness in a 1-chip DLP projector. In the Quartet Color Harmonizer, optimal engineering of the color wheel mechanism has improved color reproduction by reducing energy loss from the light source. This has resulted in a perceived brightness that even exceeds the specification values, regardless of the projected content, opening the door to a wide range of applications for the PT-RW630.
  • Dynamic light control for high 10,000:1 contrast ratio
    The PT-RZ630 Series projectors directly control the output of the laser light source itself, enabling faster response than lamp-based projectors. Frame-by-frame scene-linking modulation with complete digital control makes it possible to adjust the light output with higher precision. This gives the PT-RZ630 Series its remarkable 10,000:1 contrast without lowering the brightness in bright scenes. This enables highly precise contrast control even when bright and dark scenes suddenly or frequently interchange. There is also almost no reduction in contrast when the projector is used for extended periods of time.
  • Ideal white balance for all picture modes: superior color reproduction
    Unique, optimal Panasonic engineering eliminated the white segment from a conventional color wheel and achieved an ideal mixture of the four R, G, B, and Y colors to give the color wheel mechanism in the PT-RZ630 Series a greatly improved white balance. This takes full advantage of the Solid Shine Series to produce almost pure white even in Dynamic mode (brightness 6500 lm). And in other modes as well, optimally balanced, high-definition images are projected with little loss of brightness. Color reproduction approaches the level of the high-end flagship models.
  • Detail clarity processor 3 gives natural clarity to even the finest details
    This unique Panasonic circuit optimizes the sharpness of each image, based on the superhigh-, high-, medium-, and low frequency components of the extracted image information. The resulting images have more natural, lifelike expression.
  • Dual drive laser optical engine for reliable 24/7 operation
    It is almost impossible to imagine that a laser light source would suddenly go blank. The Dual Drive Laser Optical Engine uses two sets of light sources that group laser diodes into a number of modules. Based on redundant design, the laser diodes are put to considerable use, so over the long term, if a laser diode were to stop functioning, a protective circuit would activate to keep the brightness drop extremely small. Even if this were to happen during 24/7 operation, it would not result in downtime. The dual drive structure also keeps the optical engine output uniformly bright and colorful even if the light source's original brightness is different due to aging degradation.
  • Long-lasting image quality featuring constant brightness modes
    While the brightness of a conventional lampbased projector drops rapidly due to deterioration over time, the brightness of the laser light source decreases gradually (exhibiting a linear decrease over the time of usage). The PT-RZ630 Series maintains high brightness for 20,000 hours or more. In addition, built-in brightness and color sensors optimally maintain brightness and color balance with high precision, to dramatically suppress the effects of time-related deterioration. Together with a durable optical system, the PT-RZ630 Series maintains excellent picture quality for a long period of time. In many cases, this means no maintenance for about 20,000 hours.

Product specificaties

ProductbeschrijvingPanasonic PT-RW630LBEJ DLP-projector
Type apparaatDLP-projector - High Definition 720p
Helderheid6500 lumens
ResolutieWXGA (1280 x 800)
Native breedte/hoogte verhouding16:10
LensGeen lens
Type lampLaserdiode
Gebruiksduur lampTot 25000 uur/uren (zuinige modus)
Video InputRGB, composietvideo, componentvideo ( NTSC, SECAM, PAL, PAL-N, PAL-M, NTSC 4.43, PAL 60 ) , LAN
Modi Video480p, 480i, 525i, 525p, 625p, 625i, 576i, 576p, 1080/24p, 1080/60i, 720/60p, 1080/50i, 720/50p, 1080/50p, 1080/60p, 1080/30p, 1080/25p, 750/50p, 750/60p, 1125/60i, 1125/60p, 1125/50i, 1125/24p, 1125/25p, 1125/30p, 1125/50p, 1035/60i, 1080/24sF, 1125/24sF
Stroom120/230 V wisselstroom ( 50/60 Hz )
Energieverbruik tijdens gebruik820 Watt
Afmetingen (BxDxH)49.8 cm x 53.8 cm x 20 cm
Gewicht22 kg

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